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On June 30, 2010 by apps4africa

If you’ve spent time around the technology scene in East Africa over the last few years, chances are you’ve recognized that there is something special happening. Programmers, graphic designers and bloggers are creating new applications, content and the voices of a new generation of East Africans.

On behalf of the U.S. Department of State, the *iHub_, Appfrica Labs, and SODNET, we welcome your participation in Apps 4 Africa, a competition that celebrates the idea that the energy, optimism and technical acumen of East Africa’s technology community can help change the way we solve big social problems, amplify the voice of marginalized communities, and lower the barriers to public participation in the region.

From July 1st to August 31st, we welcome citizens to submit ideas that technology can help solve, and challenge technologists to build tools that lead to a better world. The top applications will receive cash, cool gadgets, and the chance to hob-nob with our judges panel of technology and civil society luminaries. On Thursday, we are particularly pleased to have Under-Secretary of State Judith McHale join a group of civil society leaders and civic-minded technologist to launch the contest at the *iHub_ in Nairobi.

This is only the beginning. Over the duration of the contest, we will host events around the region that address a variety of technology platforms and activist themes. We’ll also be encouraging collaboration between mentors from around the world and coders in the region. Whether you are a citizen, civil society leader or technologist of any kind, we hope you will join us in the Apps 4 Africa challenge!


- Joshua Goldstein, Jon Gosier and Barbara Birungi (Appfrica Labs), Elana Berkowitz (State Department), Erik Hersman and Jessica Colasco (*iHub_), Philip Thigo and John Kipchumbah (SODNET).

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  • Ben

    Great initiative guys and congrats in pulling this together. Looking forward to seeing some of the applicants and their ideas!!!


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