Are you looking for data sources to use in your Apps4Africa application? Here are a selection of sources we've been able to identify that have data or feeds that are able to be used by third-party applications.

Famine Early Warning Systems Network (FEWS NET) is a USAID-funded activity that collaborates with international, regional and national partners to provide timely and rigorous early warning and vulnerability information on emerging and evolving food security issues. FEWS NET professionals in the Africa, Central America, Haiti, Afghanistan and the United States monitor and analyze relevant data and information in terms of its impacts on livelihoods and markets to identify potential threats to food security. Whether you are building artificial intelligence, creating an app that finds coffee shops, or even researching what car to buy next, you inevitably have to start by finding data. Monthly retail and wholesale food prices for Djibouti, Ethiopia, Kenya, Somalia from January 2000 to July 2011. The Foreign Assistance Dashboard provides a view of U.S. Government foreign assistance funds and enables users to examine, research, and track aid investments in a standard and easy-to-understand format. The Dashboard is still in its early stages of development.

Google Public Data Explorer Search for datasets. This site makes public government data accessible to the people of Kenya. High quality national census data, government expenditure, parliamentary proceedings and public service locations are just a taste of what's to come. There's something for everyone: maps to start exploring, interactive charts and tables for a deeper understanding, and raw data for technical users to build their own apps and analyses. Our information is a national asset, and it's time it was shared: this data is key to improving transparency; unlocking social and economic value; and building Government 2.0 in Kenya.

SERVIR SERVIR integrates satellite observations and predictive models with other geographic information (sensor and field-based) to monitor and forecast ecological changes and respond to natural disasters. This evolving regional visualization and monitoring platform has been established in East Africa to improve scientific knowledge and decision-making in a range of application areas (e.g., biodiversity conservation, disaster management, agricultural development, climate change adaptation, etc.)

The World Bank Climate Change Portal is intended to provide quick and readily accessible climate and climate-related data to policy makers and development practitioners. The site also includes a mapping visualization tool displaying key climate variables data as well as a screening tool for assessing development projects for sensitivities to climate change.

Help us curate this list! If you know of a public data source that African developers can use, point it out and we'll post it here! Contact us at [email protected]



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