Prowork makes team collaboration on projects easier using a web and mobile application.

Disruptive investment platform providing crowd-funding for African startups

iCow is an agricultural information service with a variety of products available as a subscription mobile service to help farmers enhance productivity.

Improved information access and communication channels for smallholder farmers and agricultural workers.


Minishop/Problem Solved Ltd.

Minishop is an electronic record-keeping solution for SMEs, which makes it easier to manage a business and access finance.

Ffene is business management simplified. Ffene offers a reasonably priced software package that helps small and medium businesses run more efficiently.
(2013-Present) aims to disrupt cash transfer services like Western Union and MoneyGram by becoming an alternative payment system for the African diaspora to send remittances to loved ones.


Upstream Analytics

Upstream Analytics is a revolutionary service that applies data analysis to help multinational companies mitigate SEC compliance regulation risk.



SiftDeck aims to connect online conversations with offline assets and people, to help organizations predict potential threats to their interests.


Rare Customs/TasteMakers Africa

Rare Customs/TasteMakers Africa seeks to revolutionize luxury travel and tourism in Africa.

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