Apps4Africa Entrepreneurs-in-Residence are impressive individuals working on an impressive product or service that has high potential for growth. We work with individuals and companies in any sector and at any stage of their journey to help them find greater opportunity than they might on their own. These entrepreneurs also participate in the Apps4Africa accelerator, as part of our investment we're a bit more involved in their ventures.


Teddy Ruge

Remit.ug aims to disrupt cash transfer services like Western Union and MoneyGram by becoming an alternative payment system for the African diaspora to send remittances to loved ones. By some estimates remittances account for 20% of the GDP of the African continent.


Eliot Pence
Upstream Analytics

Upstream Analytics is a revolutionary service that applies data analysis and predictive analytics to SEC compliance regulation of commodities mined from Africa. Every technology company in the United States and most other developed nations have to show that they aren't supporting bribery and are doing their best to avoid conflict trading. With Upstream Analytics, they can observe in real time what problems their distribution channels may face.

Ahmed Maawy

Ahmed Maawy
SiftDeck & OpenSIM Kit

SiftDeck aims to connect online conversations with offline assets and people, to help organizations predict potential threats to their interests. Ahmed's other project OpenSIM Kit aims to turn the world's 4 billion feature phones into the equivalent of an e-reader.

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