The Tech Incubator in the Ocean

17 Apr

[email protected] 2 Minute Video! from Unreasonable Institute on Vimeo.

Apps 4 Africa is proud to have recently partnered with a new tech accelerator program,  As part of this partnership, we wanted to let you know that they just announced the program and have opened their applications!

Unreasonable at Sea is a mentor driven accelerator program for entrepreneurs who desire to take their ventures into new international markets. They are working exclusively with technology based companies who are working to solve the greatest social and environmental challenges of this century. What makes this so Unreasonable? The 100 day accelerator program will take place on a ship as it travels more than 25,000 nautical miles and circumnavigates the Southern Hemisphere (see the route).  If you fit the profile, or you can think of an entrepreneur you know who does, make certain to check out all the details at

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