Apps4Africa 2012 Finalist Announcement!

Appfrica and the U.S. Department of State, with the support of the World Bank, would like to extend our congratulations to the 30 final innovations that have been selected from the Apps4Africa 2012 Competition!

Our expert judges are now voting on the innovations that should be invested in this year.  BIG thanks to The U.S. Department of State, The World Bank (Africa), Nic Haralambous, Liz Ngonzi, Loren Treisman, Makhtar Diop, and Wayne Sutton for your participation in the judging process!

The (30) Final Innovations are:
PENYA Financial (Zimbabwe)
TYAN - OpenApp (Zambia)
The Business Planner (Zimbabwe)
Ama Sampo (Zambia)
Ujamaa (Senegal)
Spell Africa (Nigeria)
1School/Oneskool (Nigeria)
AWPN (Nigeria)
Zambianized (Zambia)
Alsvas (Central African Republic)
Ffene (Uganda)
Prowork (Nigeria)
Esaja (Zimbabwe)
Yaalda (Cameroon)
Prep-hub (South Africa)
Youth Village (South Africa)
Intumwa (Rwanda)
Click Tradex (Ghana)
Exportunity (Benin)
SliceBiz (Ghana)
Learnitug (Uganda)
StudyMate (Zambia)
BrainShare (Uganda)
Yeboao/KKYB (Ghana)
MyCareer (Uganda)
Jobs-in-Nigeria (Nigeria)
Miguide (Ghana)
Opportunity Pour Tous (Cote d’Ivoire)
Bloorx/Searchlamp (Nigeria)
XCommodity (Tanzania)

What Happens Next?

Out of these finalists, 3 innovations will be selected and funded with $10,000USD each. Appfrica will continue to engage these innovators, providing mentorship, additional exposure and additional funding opportunities.

Look out for our (3) selections to be funded in the coming weeks!

The Apps4Africa 2012 team: (L to R) Marieme Jamme, Thomas Genton, Barbara Birungi, Jon Gosier, Bahiyah Yasmeen Robinson


  1. Luther

    Félicitations à tous les selectionnés !!! Courage à tous et surtout aux camerounais en liste. J’ai une bonne expérience de leur site.

  2. Eteme Tsanga Mathieu

    qui eu cru que nous africains pouvions avoir un reseau aussi utile pour tous les africains alors yalda merci pour ton arrivée.

  3. Hillary Musarurwa

    I am humbled that PENYA Financial has made it this far we will continue to raise the Zimbabwean flag high

  4. Esaja (@EsajaForAfrica)

    We’re really honoured to be a finalist and look to the future with a renewed vigour and commitment to our cause. Well done to other finalists and thank you Hillary. Zimbabwe and the greater continent needs young people with the right attitude, determination and work ethic.

  5. Obure joseph

    Oh, that’s great development for Africa and my prayers goes for uganda to be among the three finalists. Big thanks to U.S And other partners for their creditial support to Africa especially uganda in particular.

  6. Kekeli

    Thanks for selecting Yeboao as part of the finalists. This shows that we are making an impact in Africa. We are really working around the clock to keep this up by creating even more jobs. Thanks to all our supporters.

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